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Friday, January 2, 2009


White House Assistant Chef Olivia Para whacks an intruder on the White House grounds (with a frying pan no less) who says he was trying to warn the President of an imminent attack. As if that’s not enough to ruin her day, she is thwarted at every turn as she tries to land her dream job: Executive Chef at the White House. Debut mystery series, complete with recipes for a State Dinner – and lots of laughs for dessert!

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Hungryreader said...

The book State of the Onion by Julie Hyzy is an exciting and interesting read. Ms Hyzy describes what cooking for the first family invovles. She writes about taking into account the tastes, allergies, favorite recipes, and culinary moods of the President and the First Lady. She outlines the vast preparation a State Dinner entails for the White House Staff. Culturally sensitive menu selection, diplomatic seating assignments, and politically correct decorations all must be considered in a White House Chef's day. Ollie must earn the White House Head Chef position, and her competition is the egotistical Televison Chef on the local station. Ms Hyzy adds a romance with a Secret Service Agent, a murder, and a dangerous intruder which Ollie greets with a blow from her frying pan. Ms. Hyzy makes her novel educational and fun. I would recommend this book.

Rosemary Harris said...

I'm happy to recommend this book. It was a funny fast read with some interesting White house facts.

Robyn B said...

I loved this book. I hope it is the first of a long series.