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Friday, January 1, 2010


With her career and her marriage over, Emma Grant takes a leap of faith and a trip to England. An expert on Jane Austen, Emma has been invited by a mysterious group known only as the Formidables to view some of Jane Austen’s secret letters. Emma goes on an Austen quest, solving mysteries and healing her own heart.
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Anonymous said...

I have read dozens of Jane Austen spinoffs and this one is pretty good. There were a few things that were entirely unbelievable; namely:

1. I have never met an English professor who dressed in designer clothing. (I have a graduate degree from a British University. I have met many professiors nationally and internationally.)
2. No professor would be fired for plagiarism because of their ex-husband's testimony. The main reason is that every person has a distince voice when they write and those reading Emma's paper would recognize that it was her voice and not that of her teaching assistant (aka husband's mistress).
3. No male would put up with the her emotional rollercoaster and lack of honesty and still find her attractive and marriageable.
4. If you wore Chanel to a West End (London) theatre production you would be terribly overdressed. I've worn jeans.

If you can get over these inaccuracies, it's not a bad book and the end is a surprise.

Marie aka Grams said...

Decent, original read, and since it's all fiction anyway, the idiosyncrasies don't matter much. Easy and fast and fun.