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Thursday, July 1, 2010


Sir Maurice Newbury and Miss Veronica Hobbes, agents of Queen Victoria, battle both physical and supernatural enemies of the crown. They are called in to investigate the wreckage of a crashed airship and its missing automaton pilot while dealing with a zombie plague in the slums of the capital and attempting to solve a string of strangulations credited to a mysterious glowing policeman.

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Jaylene said...

This book was okay I thought. It was well written, but I thought the author had a hard time conveying action sequences. I found myself getting bored while reading quite a bit. The author has a great imagination though as is seen by combining history with "modern" gadgets.

Britt said...

My review of The Affinity Bridge

Anonymous said...

this was a pretty strange book, but I enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

I thought the book was a little confusing, but also enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Funny book--throw away lines about the unfortunate plague victims "just don't go out after dark."

Anonymous said...

I was very confused in this book. It started out great and then jumped all of a sudden and I seemed so lost.

Anonymous said...

I finished the book around the end of October and felt like I should add my 2 cents here.

I enjoyed the book a lot but I can see why some might have felt lost, transitions between the story threads are a bit jumpy.

Having never read any steampunk, I gave this a try and heartily recommend it to others. On the other hand, the characters could be less cliched but Veronica does put a nice twist on the female role in her society.

An entertaining beginning for a series, I will read the sequel to see if the author has tightened up his plots better.