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Saturday, January 1, 2011


After Jack and Sadie Rosenblum and their baby daughter escape Berlin at the beginning of World War II, they settle in England where they are given a pamphlet with specific instructions for assimilating, which Jack follows explicitly until he discovers that he is barred from joining a golf club, after which he hatches a plan to start his own.
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Jennifer Webster said...

Really liked this book!

Lydia said...

Simple, sweet story. Good look at English culture and learned a bit about history along with German curses. Pretty easy read, not gripping, but interesting.

Laurel said...

I really enjoyed this book. A bit slow-moving for me, but it made me realize, once again, that we need to respect dreams (ours and those of others) more, and not discount them, even if they seem crazy.

Laurel said...

I really liked this book. It was slow-moving for me, but it made me realize, once again, that we need to honor dreams (ours and those of others) and not discount them, however crazy they may sound. It may be all we (or another) has!

Anonymous said...

The protagonist was annoying to me!

jn said...

A story about obsessions,and learning to see what is really important.

T and A said...

I really struggled to get through the first half ... supper slow and I couldn't connect. Then all of a sudden everything changed and I was really glad I read it. A great story that I was glad wad told it just has a bad start :)