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Saturday, January 1, 2011


Born an albino in Medieval France, Auda loses her tongue at the hands of a superstitious healer's apprentice. Although mute, she learns her father's craft of papermaking as well as reading and writing, making a life for herself, but also bringing the wrath of the Inquisition down on her and her father.
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Anonymous said...

I loved this book! It was a little more gritty than I expected, but well worth it. The level of historical detail really made the story come alive, and Auda is an awesome, strong female character. I highly recommend this book.

Pol said...

Oh for the love of pete, did any of you pick any actual CLEAN books for us readers to read?! This is the 4th readers choice book I've put down b/c of bad content. This is freaking Salt Lake people!

Anonymous said...

I was very disappointed in this selection for readers choice. There is a very graphic (pornographic) paragraph near the middle of the book that really offended me.

Anonymous said...

Great book, if you are open minded, and not too delicate. Thanks for the good picks. Good books are good, wherever you live.

E! said...

Seriously?!?! "...freaking Salt Lake"? "...(pornographic) paragraph...offended"? Give ME a freaking break! How about you stop wasting 'Comment' space, stick with your stripped-down, "LDS Approved" writings and leave the reviews to those who can actually handle real literature. Do you honestly believe life in the middle ages was "CLEAN"?!

T and A said...

A great book! Really compelling! An eye opener to the value of simple pleasures we take for granted such as paper. It was indeed graphic but it was REAL! I would defiantly recommend it to anyone who doesn’t mind knowing people have always been sexually active. :)