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Friday, July 1, 2011


Pia, a young German girl, is determined to uncover the secret of the recent disappearance of children in her small town. Is there a connection with unsolved disappearances from long ago? A haunting and gripping story with an atmosphere reminiscent of Grimm’s fairy tales set in modern day Germany.

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Anonymous said...

Really cute, likeable book. Short read, but the story was so interesting and compelling that it seemed to fly by. Highly recommend this!

Anonymous said...

Mediocre...lots of syrupy writing. A premise that is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Initially interesting, yet rather disconnected from reality. Although the plot of a book is placed in late 1990's Germany it appears to be more fitting in 1970's. There is for some reason a cultural displacement either by the author or the insistance on the protagonist being a pre-teen. The initial story idea is intriquing most likely having some factual background although I found no reports on child mass murderer in Germany, there are a few in England though. Book is extremely predictable, plot is not very believable, and the overuse of German though inconsequencial to those who speak the language, may appear as a forced language lesson and a distraction to others. Overall there are better written and more interesting books such as P.D. James, Vicoria Thompson, etc.

Monika said...

I enjoyed this book and did not find it predictable. The chilly winter scenes made me shiver. The cover design is very cool.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyable read, but really loved her other book "The Glass Demon".

Britt said...

I really really enjoyed this one. A very interesting modern fairy tale.