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Friday, July 1, 2011

RISE AGAIN by Ben Tripp

Even though Sheriff Danielle Adelman, a veteran with her own troubles, has to deal with masses of people suddenly dying, reanimating and then acting like zombies, she is still very worried about her little sister, who ran away just before the horror began.

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Britt said...

Bizarre and compelling. The ending is either hopeful or insanely creepy. Several random plot threads go totally nowhere, but it is a first novel, it happens.

Anonymous said...

No worries about plot threads, its zombie fiction (which is much more relaxing than the non-fiction variety) after all.

I thought it was a fun, wild ride. Never read a book about zombies before and might not ever again. But, I was glad to go on this thrill ride and certainly recommend it !

Anonymous said...

This is a disaster, post-apocalyptic zombie story. It would probably make a decent movie.

A small band of survivors has to deal with flesh-eating zombies, created by bio-terrorism, who get increasingly smarter. They also have to fight off a group of annoying mercenary jerks. I liked most of the good guy characters.

This book has lots of gory violence, lots of swearing, and a little sexual description. Don't eat while reading.