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Friday, July 1, 2011


Beefeater, Balthazar Jones, his wife and their 181-year-old pet tortoise live in the infamous Tower of London. He spends much of his day answering tourist’s questions about historic methods of torture, famous executions, and the whereabouts of the lavatories. Things take a hilarious turn when Balthazar is appointed overseer of the Tower’s newly acquired menagerie of exotic animals, given to the queen by foreign dignitaries.

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Britt said...

LOVED this one. Absolutely as adorable as the cover.

Anonymous said...

This is a cute, quirky story by a British writer. It's written well and carefully and has lots of little funny moments.

There's not a lot of dialogue; instead there's often a description of what was said.

As the story goes on, it breaks off into tangents about Tower history or a character's memory and things like that. So near the end, I felt like the story was still beginning.

This book has a single swear word and some mild sexual suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Sweet, heartwarming story, and it made me laugh out loud several times. I've recommended it to lots of people.

Anonymous said...

Very cute and enjoyable.