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Sunday, January 1, 2012


After the unexpected death of her parents, shy and sheltered Ginny Selvaggio, a young woman with Asperger’s Syndrome, seeks comfort in family recipes. But as she cooks the recipes, a ghost appears with a cryptic warning—before vanishing like steam from a cooling dish.

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Britt said...

5 stars

(also my book club's pick for February)

Fabulous book. The sister needed to be smacked up the side of her head, but good story.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed this one. I also was angry with the sister at first, but realized she was misguided but truly acting out of love.

Monika said...

This book was better than I anticipated and I gave it 5 stars. The very beginning is a little slow to get started, but then I ended up reading the whole thing in a couple of days. Really enjoyed this book.

Anonymous said...

This was pretty good and easy to get into. At its core, it's about how different people deal with grief, yet it wasn't a depressing story.

The main character (Ginny) has Asperger's, although it's undiagnosed at the beginning. Her parents have just died, and she and her sister (Amanda) have to deal with that. Meanwhile, she discovers she can summon ghosts by cooking a recipe they'd written.

I was a little confused at the sister's age. It implied Amanda was born when Ginny was in Kindergarten. Ginny is 26, so Amanda would have to be around 21, yet she's already married with two daughters.

(There was some swearing near the end, but otherwise G to PG rated.)

Angelina said...

5 stars, no doubt.
It hooked me within the first few pages & I read it straight through, in several hours, though I had had a few rather important things I'd planned to do with my time. I read at least a book a day, but usually fit it in & around other priorities... This book is so subtly powerful, touching on so many different aspects & realities of life, I simply refused to put it down.