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Sunday, July 1, 2012

THEFT OF SWORDS by Michael Sullivan

For epic fantasy lovers --Can a self-serving thief and an idealistic swordsman survive long enough to unravel the first part of an ancient mystery that has toppled kings and destroyed empires?

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Michael J. Sullivan said...

I'm the author of Theft of Swords, and I just received an email about my book's nomination. I just wanted to stop by and say how honored I am. I'm amazed with the reception that Theft of Swords has received both from fantasy fans, and those that just like a good adventure story.

Ever since I was a young boy all I've ever wanted to do was to tell stories and entertain people, but I never truly thought that dream could come true. It was my daughter and wife who were instrumental in getting the books "out there." My daughter inspired me to write a book that she would enjoy, and my wife's tireless efforts is what got the series published. Now I find even more people helping to make the books a success, from all the people working tirelessly at Orbit (my publisher), to the folks at libraries and bookstores who recommend others give them a try. I thank you all for your tireless efforts on my behalf. Thank you all. I'm eternally grateful.

Kalashnikov124 said...

I've just finished reading Theft of Swords and I can't wait to get a hold of Rise of Empire. I really loved the whole questing and adventuring aspect of the book. I love Hadrian and Royce's partnership, they play off of each other so nicely. I'll definitely be recommending this book to my family and friends.

Michael J. Sullivan said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the first book Kalashnikov. What's really great about the series is how it finally plays out in the end. I'd love to hear what you think if you do continue on.

Audrey Hammer said...

I loved this book. I am going to go buy the series. It's smart and entertaining with good characters. It's just fun.

I can tell the author really enjoyed writing it and that fun was the main reason he wrote it.

This is one of my all-time favorite Reader's Choice.

Michael J. Sullivan said...

Thanks Audrey - I did indeed enjoy writing it...and it's even better to hear from people who have read the books and liked them. Thanks for starting my day off well.