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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

DON’T EVER GET OLD by Daniel Friedman

Death-camp survivor Buck is 87, abrasive, and has trouble remembering.  But his cop’s watchfulness is intact, and he keeps his .357 magnum handy…just in case.  When he learns that the sadistic guard who brutalized him is likely alive and in possession of stolen Nazi gold, Buck and his chatterbox grandson go on a quest. Buck proves you’re never too old!

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Ruby Cheesman said...

I just loved this book! It was so funny and the characters are truly memorable. Of course, the older you are the more you'll relate! I'd love to see a sequel.

Tonya said...

Thoroughly delightful book. Buck Schatz is like a Jewish Archie Bunker. He's an smoking, drinking, foul-mouthed 87-year-old retired homicide detective who finds himself involved in a case involving Nazi gold and murder. His lack of understanding of the newfangled gadgets (like Google and GPS) is hysterical.

Becky said...

Three star mystery but I gave it two stars because of the excessive profanity. I would have my grandparents listen to it but I'm too embarrassed by the language.
read it as part of the Salt Lake County's Readers Choice Program

Cindy said...

I gave this book 3 stars. I thought it was JUST O.K. Most of the humor didn't strike me as funny.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the cranky old man. I found the book very funny and enjoyable.