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Monday, July 1, 2013


Investigating the theft of an old samurai sword forged by a legendary smith who infused the weapon with magical powers, Tokyo police officer Mariko Oshiro finds herself threatened by the power of the blade in unexpected ways. 

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Audrey Hammer said...

There's really no major flaws in this book. It's just a matter of how well you like the subject. If you like Japanese culture, both modern and historical, this will be very interesting. The modern story is about a cop pursuing a case. You know from the beginning who the thief/killer is, so it's a matter of watching the main characters track him down.

The book is mostly about three ancient samurai swords. Each has a name and a distinct purpose, or personality. Our villain owns the one with a sinister, "One Ring"-like quality. Interspersed through the novel are three past stories, each one about one of the swords. I found these historical accounts very interesting.

The book ends with a nice showdown with our villain, including a sword fight. There are a few mysteries and surprises throughout to keep your attention. It's paced well and is pretty tight.

The book has occasional swearing and some violence, and the villain's description at the beginning is kind of disturbing.