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Monday, July 1, 2013

THE 500 by Matthew Quirk

Fresh out of Harvard Law School, Mike Ford lands a dream job at the Davies Group, a high-powered and respected consulting firm. However, it isn’t long before Mike realizes that all might not be as represented and that, just because he’s working for lawmakers, it doesn’t make it legal.


Alison Smith said...

Well, the overall message was interesting: the honest men are the real crooks, only the crooks are truly honest. This was the only thread (a very thin one I would add) that kept it from being a John Grisham rip-off. Every plot point made the book feel like the author cut out selections from every Grisham novel and pasted them on the pages

Alison Smith said...

My computer published my first comment before I was finished. I wanted to add that the book had promise to surpass Grisham's legal dramas but failed when the author used the same old plot formula: young, handsome savvy lawyer meets hot, smart, yet helpless woman= danger, adventure, blah blah, hero ends up on top. I would've loved something more original from a book compare to The Firm. I will say, it kept my interest and wasn't boring.