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Notes from our Authors

From Elizabeth Bass ~ author of Miss You Most of All
Thank you so much. I'm honored to be in the running for a Reader's Choice Award. This made my day! What a great way to generate interest in new books at the library.
I was going to post a link to your website, but when I visited I didn't see Miss You Most of All listed. (I'd be happy to link to you anyway, but I don't want to confuse folks!)
Thanks again for letting me know about this!
Best wishes,

From Gayle Lynds ~ author of The Book of Spies
I’m truly honored that Book of Spies is a nominee for your semi-annual award. Thank you so much for letting me know. I’ve forwarded your note to my agent and editor, who will also be delighted.
Libraries mean a great deal to me. Because I was tall, I was fortunate. I was allowed into the adult stacks to read to my heart’s content beginning at age 10. The experience was heady and unforgettable, so many books, so much to experience and learn. The Book of Spies is my homage to libraries and readers. Thank you for the work you do.
All best, Gayle

From Nancy Pickard ~ author of The Scent of Rain and Lightning
What wonderful news! I'm thrilled and honored. It's very kind of you to go to the trouble of letting me know. However the final voting goes, I'll know that I'm lucky just to be in wonderful company with the other authors.
Thanks so much, and best wishes to you, your staff, and your readers (and voters!).

From Reece Hirsch ~ author of The Insider
Thank you for nominating THE INSIDER for the Reader's Choice Award! I'm thrilled to be included in the contest. Clearly, you've honored some excellent books as winners in the past.
If your customers participate in book clubs that read my book, please feel free to share with them that I'd be willing to join them by phone in a discussion of THE INSIDER.
Best wishes for the new year,
Reece Hirsch

From Bethany Maines ~ author of Bulletproof Mascara
Thanks so much for emailing me! I'm so thrilled to be nominated for a Reader's Choice Award! Please let me know if there's anything I can do to assist the Salt Lake County Library (signature's, interviews, anything else you can think of). And now I must go to Facebook to see if I can't influence the voting. ;)
Bethany Maines

From Carla Buckley ~ author of The Things That Keep Us Here
What fabulous news! I'm deeply honored. Thank you so much for letting me know.I've got bookmarks on hand, and would be glad to send you some. Just let me know.


From Sally Gunning ~ author of The Rebellion of Jane Clarke
My publicist just forwarded your wonderful email to me, and I wanted to send along my personal thanks for giving The Rebellion of Jane Clarke such attention. I felt it was a special book am it means to much to know that others think so too.
I'll be thinking fond thoughts of Utah!
All best,
Sally Gunning
From Boyd Morrison ~ author of The Ark
Thanks so much for including me in your Reader's Choice Award nominations. It's quite an honor to be included with such a stellar group of authors. I couldn't think of a better way to begin the new year.
Boyd Morrison

From Sandra Kring ~ author of How High the Moon
Thanks for writing to inform me that How High the Moon has been chosen as a nominee for a Reader's Choice Award. I'm honored to be a part of this ingenious program, and will appreciate each new reader it brings my way!
Happy reading,
Sandra Kring
Wow, what a thoughtful gesture, to write to the authors who enriched your life this year. I'm honored to be included on your list with such wonderful writers, and touched that you thought to do this.
Thank you so much for promoting my books at your library. I appreciate every reader who passes along my titles and a positive word. Publishing houses can do what they want to promote a writer, yet even they know that what really sells books, is word-of-mouth. I care little about riches or fame, but sales figures do matter to me because I'm well aware of the fact that, in this competitive world of publishing, a writer's worth and the fate of their dream is reduced to dollar signs. And I want badly to continue doing what I love doing most every day--write!
I turned in my sequel to The Book of Bright Ideas, and was happy when my publisher told me that it far exceeded her expectations, and that I "hit it out of the ball park on this one." I had so much fun writing it. I'm just starting book #6. I hope it'll be a good one! Ha!
Again, thank you for your kind gesture. What a nice way to start my writing day!
Happy reading,
Sandra Kring

From Gini Koch ~ author of Touched by an Alien
Thank you so much! I'm very flattered and excited to be nominated, and what a great list of former winners! Will be eagerly waiting to hear the results!
Love, Gini

From David Dosa ~ author of Making Rounds with Oscar
Thank you so much for the honor of being a Reader's Choice nominee. It is nice to know that the book has been well received and I look forward to hearing about the results in the Spring.
David Dosa
From Heather S. Webber ~ author of Truly, MadlyThanks so much for letting me know! That's very exciting!


From Natasha Solomons ~ author of Mr. Rosenblum Dreams in English
Thanks so much for letting me know. I'm thrilled that Mr Rosenblum has found friends so far from home!

Many thanks to your readers for voting!

From Gardniner Harris ~ author of Hazard
Thanks for the note. I don't really have a bio page. We tend to get attacked so frequently here that we get a little shy about posting anything about ourselves. But I'm thrilled you liked the book, and thanks for reaching out!
Gardiner Harris
Science Correspondent
The New York Times
1627 I Street NW
Washington DC 20006

From Sam Eastland ~ author of Eye of the Red Tsar
Many thanks for your message. I'm glad you enjoyed Eye of the Red Tsar and it is good of you to take the time to write and let me know. I very much appreciate your nominating the book as a Reader's Choice. The next book in the series, Shadow Pass, will be out in February of next year, to be published by Random House, and I am just finishing up the third book. These days, I seem to spend more time with people I've invented than with people who are real (not always a bad thing, I must admit!).
kind regards,
Sam Eastland

From Paul Doiron ~ author of The Poacher's Son
Dear Ruby:
This is fantastic news. I take it that I have a fan among the county library staff. Thank you so much. I'll be curious to see how I do!
You can also let your patrons know that "Trespasser," the next book in the Mike Bowditch series, will be published next June. I think it's better than the first book.
Best regards,
Paul Doiron


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Adrian M said...

How wonderful! I am delighted and honoured to be on such an emminent shortlist, and am so grateful to all the readers and/or staff who took the time and trouble to recommend 'Red Station'.

I look forward to the end of the year and hearing the results. But whichever way it goes, I am extremely grateful that my work is being recognised and exposed in this way.
Thank you!